Speed, Accuracy and Automation for the Service Sales Cycle

ZOMA’s Scoping Intelligence platform changes the way service companies sell by leveraging existing company knowledge and automating a variety of processes that are done manually today. Zoma makes it easy for sales teams to tap into collective team knowledge, utilize historical data, collaborate effectively and automate manual tasks. Not only can sales teams produce more accurate project estimates faster, they train the system to produce smarter quotes each time – turning pre-sales from a disconnected set of activities into a coherent and efficient sales growth engine.


Real data.
Real relationships.
Real results.

With Zoma, professional service sales teams now have a smarter way to scope, quote and produce an SOW. No more spreadsheets. No more surprises. Scope quickly, accurately, and intelligently with confidence like never before.

  • Streamlined and automated collaborative platform
  • Driven by historical data
  • Harnesses the power of AI
  • Enables faster and more confident decision-making
  • Provides unparalleled accuracy and reliability.
  • Captures best practices, with continuous optimization
  • Customized to each company based on historical data and industry benchmarks

Close deals 80% faster with Zoma

Simplify selling professional services with the power of automation. Our AI-led, data-driven features help reinvent how services are estimated, priced, and quoted, making it easier for sales & service teams to deliver accurate quotes and close deals faster.

How Zoma works for you


Are you done with losing deals because someone on your team overestimated? Decrease risks, increase deal velocity and bid-to-win rates by ~20%.

  • 80% faster and more precise sales cycle
  • Reduce the headache of piecemeal collaboration and dependency on various internal departments
  • Escape from current zero-loop learning – continuously capture best practices for ongoing optimization

Delivery / Professional Services

No more battling with your customers. Come into a project better prepared, with a better understanding of the scope by you and your client.

  • Reduce the time spent creating service quotes and win deals 80% faster.
  • Automate your scoping and quoting, cutting down on delivery resources.
  • Provide structured feedback to the service quoting process.
  • Escape from current zero-loop learning – capture best practices with continuous optimization.
  • Deliver on your promise.

CEO / Management

Enhance your reputation and transform your customer relationships with a smarter and more intelligent scoping solution

  • Deliver against your company’s business goals and financial targets.
  • Create proposals 80% more efficiently, increase margins
  • Build trusted customer relationships

Complement your existing tech stack

We focus on scoping, so whatever you’re using in your workflow (CPQs, CRMs, PSAs, or ERPs), Zoma can complement your existing tech stack by filling in the missing gaps.