Our mission

Is to bring science
to the art of service scoping

Our AI-powered digital scoping technologies empower sales teams to work in a smarter, more agile, and collaborative way – embracing complexity and using it to deliver greater accuracy, with less friction.


We make professional service sales simple, scalable, and sustainable

For companies focused on growth, it’s unsustainable to be doing so much manual re-sales work. Starting from ground zero every time they scope, squandering data and insights. Zoma’s Scoping Intelligence Platform changes the way service companies sell by leveraging existing company knowledge and automating manual sales processes, turning pre-sales into a scalable growth engine.


Our story

A pre-sales platform built by people from the professional services industry

Our two co-founders led sales, professional services and development teams for large enterprises (such as Nike, Fox, Home Depot, Sky News, PetSmart) with a combined experience of 20 years. They felt the pain of manual, labor-intensive sales processes first-hand. Complex estimates and quotes were created on spreadsheets. The lack of visibility and the numerous local versions of historical data made it difficult to learn from previous experience and scale. With the growth of an extremely complex services environment, a reliable, agile approach to scoping and estimates was needed. They set out to make life easier at work by doing great things with software.

Zoma is proud to set a gold standard for the industry – making scoping and quoting for enterprise services simpler and more effective than anything before. Now you can leverage your dynamic data, capture and document learnings from previous projects to intelligently scope new projects. Our data-driven pre-sales platform uses AI technology to streamline the sales process of enterprise services, increase efficiency, and elevate their reputations.

Meet our Co-Founders

Let's build a better way of scoping, together

At Zoma, join us in building the future of service sales scoping with the most talented, creative people in the industry. People who take pride in their work, treat each other with respect and care about their customers. Your dream job is just a few clicks away.

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